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    National News from The Associated Press
    Couple Allegedly Break Into Shoe Store and Have Sex Amid New Boots in Display Window
    10-25-2004 10:19 AM

    BAKERSFIELD, Calif. -- Two out-of-towners got caught in a rain shower, and decided to seek refuge by breaking into a shoe store. Then one thing led to another _ at least that's what the couple told the officer who found them having sex amid new boots in the store's display window.

    The officer responding to a burglar alarm at Hacienda Western Wear on Tuesday tapped on the glass door, disturbing Pauline Grace Rainwater, 20, and Brandon Lee Clark, 18. The couple was naked, but Clark managed to cover himself with one hand, and wave at the police officer with the other.

    The officer told the couple to get dressed. Court records show they did _ and then they took off running. A call for backup brought more officers to the streets, and the two were arrested.

    Clark and Rainwater were charged Thursday with burglary, resisting an officer, assaulting an officer and indecent exposure. Bail for each of the transients was set at $7,500.
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    Damn, they got busted knocking boots.

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