Furd fuel problem ( don't beat me down)

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by fireinthehole, Aug 27, 2003.

    Furd fuel problem ( don\'t beat me down)

    A guy a work with is having a problem with his ford truck. I know this is not a ford forum, but there is a wealth of knowledge. Anyway, its a 1995 f-150, and this morning it started to stall and act like it was out of fuel, but it was practically full. He went to the gas station and got 2 gallons of gas, which it would barely take, and he drove it to work. I was thinking maybe his fuel pump was going out or the sending unit, but i'm not sure. Any other ideas?
    Give him a break, its a furd, but he also has a Harley, so he's not all bad.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Furd fuel problem ( don\'t beat me down)

    fuel filter clogged??

    the fuel pump ie electric i think it nornly just stops
  2. Re: Furd fuel problem ( don\'t beat me down)

    I just talked to this gut again, and he says he fuel gauge is reading strange also. He says it will sit at a 1/4 to empty and he can still drive about 100 miles. Which is not going to happen with a 302 and 4wd truck.
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    Re: Furd fuel problem ( don\'t beat me down)

    there's a recall on fuel pressure regulators, see if hes had it done..also i would check the sock on the end of the sender in tank to see if it gets clogged up..probably needs a pump/sender

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