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    Im trying to replace my upper balls joints on my 89 jimmy and for some reason there are two pieces inside the hub that wont come out. 1 is the piece that fits around the locking device of the hub itself, and the other is a part that is in front of it, this part goes around the axel end
    i cant get them off, ive pounded ive heated ive pulled and nothing can get them free. has anyone done this before and if so do you know how the hell to get those parts out? /forums/images/graemlins/angryfire.gif
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    The one on the end of the axle stub requires a C-Clip tool and it comes right off. Looks like a set of plyers with pointed tips.
    THe other ring you can usualy get a small sharp flat blade screw driver under it near an end and then fish it out with a second small screw driver or a cotterpin extractor. Sometimes you have to push in on the hub assembly a little. Some hubs have a ridge machined in them so it locks that ring till you press in.
    If your having troubles in removing the locking hubs you might want to see if a member is near you that has more experiance with changing the ball joints or working on the wheelbearings that can lend you a hand. You don't do things right and you could loose a wheel or seize the wheel bearings. This is a major repair and not one that an inexperiance person should attempt as a first dive into a major repair. It requires some expensive tools such as a quality torque wrench and a calibrated quesstimator ( a feel for whats "about right"). The questimator comes with experiance with auto mechanics.
    The most important thing to have is a shop manual. I have done this job numorus times and I always double check the Torque specs and the wheel bearing preload procedure EVERYt time I get into them and I have done wheel bearings on these trucks dozens of time.
    Please don't take that the wrong way. I just don't want you to get in over your head and possibly tear up your truck and get hurt in the process.

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