Gas Mileage, Kick Down Linkage and carb tuning.. ?????'s

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 85blaze, Nov 21, 2000.

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    Gas Mileage, Kick Down Linkage and carb tuning.. ?????\'s

    Well first off my gas mileage sucks! about 9mpg when I don't romp on it. What should I be getting with a properly tuned motor? its a 350, backed with 700r4 and 3.08's with 31" tires.. Whats going to help me the most? New plugs? alum. intake? 2nd - My TV cable for the 700 isn't hooked up.. Any ideas how its supposed to go on a holley carb?? and how can i lean out my carb a little bit... runs a little rich... Thanks all!

    Finally done after 8 months.. Not really.. IM never going to be done. Stroker motor is next
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    Re: Gas Mileage, Kick Down Linkage and carb tuning.. ?????\'s

    The TV cable must be hooked up. I remember reading somewhere that a Holly carb requires
    a special bracket. I would guess that the TV cable could effect mileage, but worse it will
    ruin the tranny without it. You might want to check out, I think that is where
    I read about the bracket.

    I have a similar setup, 84k5, 350, 700r4, 3.73 and 31" tires. I average about 12 MPG and I
    am running rich. I hope when I fix that problem I will see an improvement.

    Fix the TV cable and then check the mileage. If that doesn't help give it a good tuneup,
    at least that way you will know what you are starting with.


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