Gaskets? how differant are they?

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    On ebay they are selling all kinda of new gasket sets really cheap. They dont have any for my 87' 350 by fel-pro. I would love to get a complete set to just have around the garage for those 2 am garge nights when you just need that one gasket. They do have a compete set for an 85. My question is how differant are the gaskets for an 85'? I know the head and intake bolt angle changed so does that mean the gaskets are differant? what other gaskets would not work on my motor. They do have a complete gasket set for my motor made by mc cord? is that a decent name?? I heard that Mc cord and fel pro are owned my federal mogal?? is this true?? If you are looking for gaskets check them out they are cheap...

    complete gasket sets run from about 20-35 dollars some are fel-pro some are victor and mc cord. Thanks

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    The valve cover gaskets are different. Your '87should have center bolt valve covers while the '85 should have side bolt alve covers.

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