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    Some tell me if I'm losing my mind.
    I bought this '86c10 to stack miles on for work (120mi/day+).
    It doesn't have gauges in it, just the idiot lights.. So I thought I could just swap in the pod my from 'ole K5 ('73) (Bought a Tach pod to replace that one) and replace the screw in sensors on the block and I'd be all set.
    Wrong! The pin out is entierly different on a gauge pod with full gauges. Here's where it gets really interesting, I can't find any difference in part numbers for I/P wire harness's for gauges vs non gauges? Looking in LMC catalouge I find there is no difference for the printed circuit for all models with gauges '73-91. I also have a gauge pod from a '89, it's pin out matches that of the '73 w/gauges. When I say the pin out is different I mean things like, oh the right indicator is the fourth pin down on the left of the connecter looking at it from the back and it's the third pin down on the left on the pod without gauges.
    What's the beef? Did they just terminate the wires to difference places on the other end? It seems to me it would have been much easier and cheaper to have the differences in the printed ciruit (which is already different for gauges vs/ non gauges) and not the actual wiring.
    Anyone have any intimite experiece with putting factory gagues in a non-factory equipted truck?

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    with a pick set you can pop the wires from the plug and move them to where they belong.
    I did it, it is no big deal

    you simply slid a straight pick in from the contact side to lift a tab and it releases the connector

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