Gen II doubler questions

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by realsquash, Mar 2, 2001.

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    You mentioned that you can clock the transfer case to almost any angle... how far can you go and not risk lubrication problems in an NP205?

    Will the TH400 version NP205 input gear fit in the SM465 version bearing?


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    We can put it pretty much where ever we want. It may involve a PTO cover with a lube hole in it, or drilling the case to set the proper oil level, but if you can get some oil in it, the spinning gears will distribute it all over the place. When it's in the stock position, only the bottom gear is covered, and the cluster gear is about half way. So it spins all the oil up to lube the top end. When you lay is flat, all the gears run partway in oil, so in theory, it's better. Milage could suffer since all the gears will have more oil resistance, but milage isn't a huge concern at this point.

    The 400 input requires a larger input bearing, by about 3/8". You have to bore out the male input version 205 case to fit it in. It's inconvenient, but really beefy when it's done. There's a link on here somewhere with about a full text page of info on the TH400 conversion. I know the subject is something to do with "Doubler".

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