General info.......6 to 8 lug swap and ORD front shackles

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    I just got done installing the ORD front shackles and converting my '90 model 10-bolt front over to 8 lug and thought I'd shares some of the information I found out.

    First, the truck is a '90 K5 with the 6.2 diesel and was completely stock when I bought it 7 years ago.

    ORD front shackles - these were the exact same length as the stock front shackles I removed. I'm wondering if GM didn't go to slightly longer shackles towards the end of production to fix the spring to frame contact issue (I had never had this problem previously.....). I'm not really disappointed or anything with the ORD shackles since the stock ones had funny bends in them......

    6 to 8 lug swap in the front - I had the stock 6-lug 10-bolt with the 30 spline axles. I bought complete hub/rotor/spindle/caliper support assemblies from the junkyard off an '85 or '85 3/4 ton Chevy. I wanted the spindles because some people said that some vehicles used different spindles (and mine were'nt very good due to too much mud) and that the bearings might be different. In this application, the spindles and bearings were the same between the 8lug and 6 lug parts.

    The total cost for the swap was about $200 which included new rotors, calipers, bearings, studs and the hub and caliper support assemblies from the junkyard.
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    Hmm, I never even compaired my stock shackles with the ORD's, I just pitched them in the trash. GM did a lot of weird stuff over the years so they could have made them a little longer.

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