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    Feb 25, 2000
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    Tucker, Georgia
    Hey Dep I saw in a post a while back you mentioned a place in Lithonia. That is in my back yard (so to speak). I live in Tucker. I want to get in on the fun.
    Grim, If all else fails, There is a restaurant in Atlanta That has a dish that they guarantee to put the better half in labor within 24 hours. I don't remember the place but, If you know who the Kimmer is you can call him. Congratulations and good luck.
    You will need it.
    Have a good one all, and remember it's just life
  2. Grim-Reaper

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    Feb 17, 2000
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    hehehe FIND THE NAME OF THE PLACE! hahaha Yeah I know who the Kimmer is but I'm usualy at the other end of the dial or have some rank CD Playing like Lords of Acid or TKK. My wife has decided this baby want's to come in spring. God I hope not. She's huge and has to lean back to walk. Baby keep's bouncing on some nerves and about dropping her on her knees.
    Get signed on for the Tellico Run in May. SHould be one hell of a good time.

    Diging it in the dirt with my K5's
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