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    Man's bid for virgin bride enrages neighbors


    April 21, 2006

    BRAY, Okla. -- A man has caused an uproar in this southwestern Oklahoma town by advertising in an unusual manner that he'd like to pay for a virgin to be his bride.
    A sign 45-year-old Michael Thelemann posted in his yard Sunday said he'll pay $1,000 for a virgin bride between the ages of 12 and 24.
    ''I feel like I'm living down the street from a pedophile,'' said neighbor Christy Sternadel. ''We want him out of this neighborhood. Who asks for a 12-year-old virgin bride?''
    As of Wednesday, no one had taken up Thelemann on his offer, but he had heard several negative comments from neighbors, which he said he didn't understand. He said his grandmother married ''a much older man'' at age 14.
    ''I'm just somebody who is getting up there in years, and I'm looking for a born-again, God-fearing virgin between the ages of 12 and 24 who can bear me children,'' said Thelemann. ''What's the problem? I just think I have some wicked neighbors.'' Neighbors asked the sheriff's department to stop Thelemann from displaying the sign, but Undersheriff Bob Hill said the sign was gone when deputies visited Thelemann's home. AP

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