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    Just bought (well the old man would not sell it but he told me to haul it off) this blazer few days before Christmas. Two trips to Jal New Mexico (32 tires were to wide to fit on my trailer. Had to get smaller ones). So one free 74 jimmy its time for the fun to start. They told me the engine was strong but the tranny went out. Well the air cleaner was off and the hood was beside the truck so I decided to re build the top of the engine. Finished the engine a week ago. So this weakened I I decide to pull the tranny easy right.. well not for me took about 3hours. And that’s 3hours after all bolts were removed. Anyways to I am tearing in to the tranny late last night and I take of the actuator (I think that what its called )back driver side neat tail shaft. And the 4 inch spring is in 3 pieces . how the ####dose that happen . so I have to go to the tranny store again and se what they want for one of those things now. I don’t figure the spring will be that much because I got the complete tranny rebuild kit for 57 bucks.
    So the two questions I have are how dose that spring break? and the little balls in the valvebody are not magnetic so I guess some one has bin in it before .the balls look nice and round will they ba alright of get 4 more of those balls from the tranny store as well? Hopefully I will get a sight with all my pics up soon but have bin busy.


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