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    okay listen closely cuz this going to be confusing.

    regarding front driveshafts, I have one from a SM465/np205, and one from a th350/np203.

    Which one of those will work (best) with a TH350/NP205 ??

    this is one of the things im pondering in my truck buildup. Ill cross that bridge when I get there but if its common knowledge, Id sure like to know ahead of time. For what its worth, the truck is coming along nicely. Pics to come.

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    i think youll need the one from th 350/203, because if i can remember the front output shaft is flush with the tranny output, so there will be no change in length, but the 203 can be a flange type, ujoint, and the 205 is a u bolt type

    but if the front out put shaft on the 205 is behind the transfer case input then yo'll need the driveshaft from the sm465 cause it shorter.

    my problem is getting a driveshaft for a 700/205, i think its the same as a 350/203 non flange type[​IMG]

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