Goat Suicide

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    This man responded to an add in the paper to buy some realestate. The add read that it featured 20 acres of prime bottom land and since that's what he was interested in he hurried to look at it.
    Upon arriving the owner invited him to look at the run down house but he declined saying it was really the land he was interested in. So the owner told him to walk around and take a good look.

    He did. And in doing so he came across an old hand dug well that he couldn't see the bottom of so he tosses a rock into it and listens for the splash. He waits and there is no splash. So he figures that it must have hit the side or something and he gets a slightly larger rock and drops that in, carefully holding it above the center of the well.

    He waits. Still no splash! So dang it he can't find a bigger rock but about 10 feet away he sees an old rusty transmission case and he drops that into the well and listens for the splash.

    Suddenly he hears galloping behind him and when he turns his head and glances back there's this goat headed right for his butt at full speed. Without panic he deliberately move off the course of the goat and in his rearward glance he sees the goat dive headfirst into the well.

    Well he finds that really odd. But not wanting to ponder all of life's mysteries he just covers the well back up and wonders back up to the farmhouse. He tells the farmer that he found a well on the property but that while he was looking at it a goat came charging after him and committed suicide jumping headfirst into the well.

    The farmer says, "That's not possible."

    The man insists that it did happen and says don't you have a goat out here somewhere?

    The farmer says, "Yeah, but it couldn't have happened because I had that goat tied to a transmission." /forums/images/graemlins/ignore.gif /forums/images/graemlins/rotfl.gif

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