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    May 8, 2000
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    Well, after much reading and price quotes (and MUCHO helpful advice from you guys!), I've decided to go for an overhaul/rebuild of my 87 350 with the bent/broken crank (re: posting on 8/7). I've got a pal who's the prez of the local 4-wheeler assn (I can even forgive that he drives a Geek... er, a Jeep)... he's got the whole shop setup, for when it's time to reinstall.
    Overall, I really have the burning need to rip this puppy open myself; I ain't skeered of no wrench! Seriously, though, this is NOT my family vehicle, and I need to "get in touch with its inner self", if you know what I mean... all I had to tell my wife was that a cheap crate motor was over $1100, and a local high-end machine shop wants $1600 to rebuild my current block!
    The way I see it, as I strip her down, I can decide how far I need to go, as far as crank, pistons, honing/re-boring, etc.
    My only real problem (as I'm lying under this beast, trying to get the bloody rust-collection devices (exhaust flange bolts) free from the manifolds) is all the other cool stuff I want to do while the plant is out! Dual exhausts, suspension lift, tranny service, A/C repair... the list do go on some! So much potential, so little money!

    I don't do a lot of serious mud-bogging, but I'm not averse to putting some sizzle into this critter, which is totally stock, and pretty bare-bones (not even carpet!).

    Any suggestions for basic and fun upgrades I can do while the machine-work gets done?

    '87 K5 -- 350 TBI, TH350, NP208... stock fleet truck... begging for some Frankenstein treatment!

    Thanks again! Brian "Chili" G.

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