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Good machinist in SEATTLE AREA

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by zach78k5, Jun 15, 2003.

  1. zach78k5

    zach78k5 1/2 ton status

    May 14, 2000
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    I am planning on bringing my engine in to be honed or rebored whichever is necessary. I want to make sure I get my engine work done right. I have had head work done at an Action Autoparts that has a machine shop as well. The work seemed well done and they were helpful. Of course the welds on the head may have been sent off to another guy anyhow. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. dyeager535

    dyeager535 1 ton status Premium Member

    Dec 13, 2000
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    Roy WA
    DG Machine in Auburn is a great place.

    Do great work, and have reasonable prices.

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