Gore Alienates Recreation Vote

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    From: Donald C. Amador, 112531,1311
    TO: "Amador", INTERNET:brdon_a@sharetrails.org
    DATE: 10/11/00 10:43 AM

    RE: Copy of: News Release1-Gore Alienates Recreation Vote


    Contact: Don Amador
    Date: October 11, 2000


    POCATELLO, ID -- A recent letter sent to the Blue Ribbon Coalition by an
    Oregon recreationist says that after many decades of supporting a straight
    Democratic ticket he will probably change who gets his vote because he is
    mad at the Clinton/Gore administration's effort to lock up public lands.

    This West coast resident said, "I'm 70 years old and have voted straight
    Democratic tickets for most of my adult life, especially the later years.
    But I am so G_d Da_n mad at Clinton, Gore, and Babbitt for locking up our
    public lands that this (his support for Democrats) will probably completely

    He continued, "Yes, there are other very important issues but I'm so
    passionate about this - I'm ready to let everything else go... The public
    lands are the last stand for the poor working people to get some semblance
    of possession.... And those who are behind this should be ashamed."

    According to Don Amador, the western representative for the Blue Ribbon
    Coalition, "I am surprised that the Clinton/Gore administration has worked
    so hard to alienate the multiple-use recreational community. I don't think
    they realized that many off-roaders and outdoorsmen are registered
    Democrats. In fact, the Coalition was founded by a union Democrat."

    "I think if you went to any off-road riding or hunting area you would find
    that a large percentage of folks there are registered Democrats. Writing
    these people off during this election cycle is a mistake in my opinion,"
    Amador says.

    "If Al Gore loses this election by a percentage point or two, I can't help
    but wonder what role this administration's land lock-up policies played in
    this election," Amador concludes.

    # # #

    The Blue Ribbon Coalition is a national non-profit recreation group that
    champions responsible multiple-use of public lands. It represents over 900
    organizations and businesses with approximately 600,000 members.

    *Please contact Amador for a FAXed or email jpg.file of the referenced

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    The only problem is this doesn't get much coverage. Most Dems don't realize it is happening. There are still people out there that think the Serria Club and Al Gore support mulitiple use. It is extremely frustrating.
    Jim '80 GMC.

    It's a Wheelbase thing, You're Jeep wouldn't understand!
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    My Pampaw is a registered Democrat and he seems like he would fallow what ever they say. i'm registered as an undecided and he got mad at me. and no matter how much i talk to him about what the clinton and gore closeing the land stuff he dosn't care. its like they know whats best, and i don't i'm justr some trouble making kid. just in the last few weeks we have lost lots of land to OHV's down here in tucson AZ, it sied so on the news. and they say it like its a good thing. People need to start looking to the future. close the land now and the kids i will have some day won't know anything but paved roads, heck proply have flying electric cars by then. it just pisses me off that a sport that i am so involved in means nothing to him. If it where not for 4 wheeling i don't know what i would be doing and now they are trying to keep me form it. i mad ass all hell. i just don't know what sort of thing to right to the seneters and such. i'm not a veary political person. i'm mad and need a direction to go to do something about it. for my futer and the other kids in america.

    The peoples land should be open for the People

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