Got a gardeners truck runinng

Discussion in 'Pacific Region' started by 1979Jimmy, Jul 7, 2002.

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    well kinda there wasnt much wrong with it

    So i pull up the street by my house and see two guys pushing a chevy stepside. I pull over to see if they need any help and I ask whats wrong. It quickly becomes aparent these guys know no english whatsoever. I can make out that they ran out of gas but I looked in the engine and saw that they had tryed to pour gas ( a whole lot, its was puddled on the flat top of the carb) down the carb to try and get it going. I tryed to explain to them what was wrong they didnt really get it and one of the guys tryed to pour another gallon down the carb i stopped him told him to put in the tank where it belonged. I just floored it and kept the engine cranking finally turned over backfired like crazy and poured fumes out the pipe for a second then proceded to run like crap, but i figured that was normal for this truck. As i walk away i see the guy putting the top on the air cleaner top on but he didnt put the air cleaner in the housing i asked him why he didnt put it on. Well he thought that the metal case you put the air filter in filtered the air. These guys were running around driving every day with no air filter. Now that just seems liek a bad idea. After that it didnt seem to unreasonable that they would try and dump gas into the carb.
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