Got alot done this weekend!

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by Chaz88K5, Mar 2, 2003.

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    Well spent the weekend down at our shop workin on my truck...i had to put my doors back sept my room mate was backin out of my driveway and my driver side door was open...well anyway he ended up folding the door back to the front had to get another door (thanks gokartergo) and get it painted...also had to bend my hinges back to they way they are spose to and replaced the door pins...also put weatherpac connections between the door so next time i dont have to pull the door appart to remove the door from the truck..

    and then i got bored and decided to take our 20 ton yard crane and do a little smashin...he is what my old door looks like now...

    but i am almost there thank god...and hopfully i should have my licence back soon.

    Next project is goin to be installin the atlas that has been sittin on the shop floor for the past 2 months.. /forums/images/graemlins/thumb.gif

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