Got my new wheels (sorry no pics yet)

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    I just got in my black 15x10 8 lug Eaton wheels yesterday. I bought them from national wheel & tire. They came in when they said they would (3-4 weeks) and look great. I even tried putting one on the front end (3/4 ton D44) and was surprised that it seated all the way down against the hub (the wheels have 3.5" of backspacing) with just a bit of contact on the caliper (mostly casting flash) so not much grinding should be required[​IMG]. The only gripe I have is that the power coating has some thin/bare spots on the inside of the wheel (the part that will be covered by the tire). Nothing visible from the outside or to the elements but not perfect. I think I will just hit it real quick with some rustolium to keep it from rusting from the moisture in the tire.

    '71 Blazer CST w/ a 400sbc, 4" lift, 36" Supper Swampers, and alot of rust
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