Got my panels & speakers installed today and

Discussion in 'Audio' started by kwcdawgfan, Feb 19, 2001.

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    Jan 13, 2001
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    Thanks to all you guys who posted how to's... I think they came out pretty well... Only thing I would recommend to anyone else is I used my old panels as patterns... I should have measured and just used the old ones as patterns for the wheel wells... I put in four 8 inch 3 way JBLs... Dont know how they sound yet because my radio is on the fritz... I do know that I need to pick up a few of the cones to go on the back of the speakers because Ive got way to much air space and the panels are not sealed... Hopefully they will sound alright... I am going to be running them off a four channel kenwood amp... Think it is 40w per channel... If this isnt enought I think I may move the set of 8s behind the seat to below the 8s in the front (mounted in panel behind driver and passenger seats) and putting a set of 10in subs in the back on a separate amp... Im not wanting to shake the house so I image what Ive got should be fine... Thanks again to all of you who posted pics...

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