Got my rebuilt 350 running today!

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    I got my rebuilt 350 started today after agonizing no-starts.
    It acted like it had no fire, which turned out to be the case. It seems like when I rebuilt the HEI, I left out the little spring-loaded ball-thing that goes under the coil and contacts the rotor. Obviously with no contact, no fire. I checked everything before I figure it out - checked compression, checked and rechecked distributor installtion, checked fuel, etc.
    Well I fixed it by chunking the HEI and putting in the new Pro-Billet MSD dist. with a 6 series box. Easy to install and it started right up like it was running yesterday!
    I ran it for 15 minutes between 2000 and 3500, varying.
    I have a few questions:
    1. What should I do now regarding the break in? (as far as rpm, I think I've heard just to drive it at less than 4000rpm for 500 miles, then consider it done.)
    2. I should now do a hot lash right? Just pull the valve covers and loosen till I hear a racket, then tighten till it quiets and give another 1/4...? I'll retorque the head bolts while the covers are off.
    3. It was backfiring when I let off the gas (when I was going from 3500 to 2000 rpm). I am running the same Edel. 600cfm carb I had before so it is probably just the initial timing off, right? I haven't played with the timing at all yet, just set it by eye when I put the dist. on the last time, so there's no telling what I'm actually at.
    4. What is normal cylinder compression PSI? When I checked the compression for #1, I only let it turn over a few times but it went to 120. That seems low, but maybe if I had let it turn over more it would have risen more.
    -- Mike

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    The way I do it is to break in the cam as you did then go for a drive and at 30mph go to wot to about 50 then let off the gas and coast to 30 and nail it again to 50. I do this about 10 times too load the rings so that they will seat properly.
    Once the rings are seated your compression should come up.

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