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    Just got back from elk hunting here in Oregon........coastal mountains by Nehalem. My Magellan 315 that I just bought saved me big time..........night hunt out in the woods..........stayed in the tree stand late cause I heard elk off around the corner......anyway, got awful dark up there........only a Maglite flashlight to light the way. Trusted technology and it came through........did my GOTO command to get back to camp and it was so easy to follow. Even crashing through thick brush and having to go around some thick sections, it kept a good lock on the satellites and directed me back. Could have been a long night in the woods without it........I was about 4 miles from camp in some pretty deep stuff, so God only knows if I would have been forced to sleep in the wild, with the bears, coyotes, cougars and elk. Not a pleasant thought.

    Guess this is my commercial for Magellan (or GPS in general). Best tool I have used for hunting.

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