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    You like the title?
    Any way, I have an idea for you. You need to have you advertisers on the page eith the BBS board.The new one has take off so well, I think anyone would get good results for adding there company there. A good example would be ORD, their products are geared towards us.I also noitice alot of people have registered but only browse. These are the people like me and alot of others that are looking for new and innovative products for our prized rides. Just look at the audio forum. I do not ever remember seeing a audio based post before, everyone including myself is loving it! Just a thought. Saturdays are slow here at work. Got the time to try and help you out.
    David [​IMG]
    PS: I love the little smiley guys!!!!!

    Drive It Like You Stole It !!!![​IMG]

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