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Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by TX Mudder, Oct 24, 2001.

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    I have a problem with your greasable bolts for the HD front shackles. The grease zerks came out of BOTH top bolts, the ones in the shackle not the leaf eye. It looks like they are a press in and not a thread in type, so I gingerly tapped them back i but it makes me wonder if they'll vibrate out!
    I really don't expect you guys to replace them since they have been on the truck for a while, but can you recommend something to help them stay in? I thought a dab of JB Weld, but I don;t want to clog up the lumen of the bore.
    -- Mike

    BTW, they came out when I put the grease gun fitting on them. When I pulled the fitting off, the zerk came with it, The lower ones didn't do that.

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    I haven't done it with greasable shackle bolts, but to keep press in grease fittings in place on other applications, I clean the area really well with brake clean and a rag (especially since they are greasy environments) and used a drop or two of loctite. I let it set up overnight and then grease in the morning. Hope this helps.

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    Try leadfoot's idea, you might also be able to peen the hole a little to get a little more grip on the zirk. Like with a little punch around the edge, or maybe stipple the inside of the hole a little with a nail. That and the loctite may be enough to get it to work. If not then and you want to really get into it, you could thread them for a screw in zirk. We did that to a few when we started and then found that it really wasn't worth the extra money for each bolt.

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