Great article on the caliper grinding for the d60

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by hardcore_rob, Dec 6, 2002.

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    Colorado K5 Dana 60 Caliper Grinding

    I dont have a k5, I have the k30 ton, was trying to debate on if i should just get larger 16.5 inch tires or get the 8 lug 15 inch and grind and get some decent tires to go on that. was sitting the fence on wondering if the process was going to be too time consuming to grind. I appreciate the article, Great job.

    Now the deciding factor will be price, cause I am on a very tight budget, have bills and wife doesnt think the truck needs to be priority. Any of you people have some decent tires 33-35 /rims optional that would be a 16.5 or 15 perhaps? would help to be in the Colo springs area, since my truck is a gas guzzler and would take a ton of gas to come pic them up at a long distance a way...

    thanks from a newbie on the board.



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