Green Action Plan for OHVs

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    RE: Copy of: Green Action Plan for OHVs.... a must read!

    Dear M/U Recreation Interests,

    I know many of you thought that with Bush in the White House that multiple-use
    recreation groups would have an easy time. However, after reading what our
    good friends on the green side have planned for us it looks like we will have
    to work very hard to promote and protect responsible motorized recreation and
    access to public lands. This new green plan will impact 4wds, jet skis, m/c,
    ATVs, and OSVs.


    Don Amador, BRC

    Please ck. out the following web addresses listed below as outlined in this
    green alert:

    To: All Activists
    From: Steve Holmer
    Date: February 13, 2001
    Forest Protection Efforts Will Move Forward Despite Republican

    Off Road Vehicles, Access Fees and Recreational Development The growing abuse
    of public lands by off-road vehicles (ORVs), dirt bikes and jetskis must be
    halted. Intensive recreational and commercial development also threaten to
    turn the public lands into nothing more than a scenic backdrop for
    entertaining tourists and providing new and unique shopping opportunities. For
    a complete update on these issues please see:


    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    <font color=green> Maybe we all need to go to these "treehuggers" houses and cut a big 'ole doughnut in their front yard with some nice mud tires...maybe they would think twice before messing with the OHV's

    <font color=green> I love cowboy hats

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