Greens invade the BLM

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    RE: Copy of: green cabal in CA BLM


    February 14, 2001

    Mike Pool, Director
    Bureau of Land Management
    California State Office
    2800 Cottage Way
    Sacramento, CA 95825-1886
    FAX 916.978.4620

    Re: Inappropriate Relationships Between Agency Employees and Green Advocacy

    Dear Mr. Pool:

    After reading a recent "Action Alert" by a group called the Public Employees
    For Environmental Responsibility (PEER), I am growing concerned about what
    appears to be a real conflict of interest between public employees who also
    belong to, or are officers in, preservationist groups that do not support the
    multiple-use concept of land management as outlined in certain Bureau of Land
    Management (BLM) policies.

    An article published by INSIGHT MAGAZINE, correctly points out that a cabal
    may exist in the California BLM between its closure-oriented employees who
    funnel information to, and create support for, a massive desert land lock-up
    agenda being put forward by PEER and the Center for Biodiversity.

    Our mutual friend, Ron Schiller, has expressed his concerns that some BLM
    employees may be operating in an unethical fashion.

    I would urge your office to review my concerns on this matter.


    /s/ DON AMADOR

    Don Amador Western Representative Blue Ribbon Coalition, Inc. 555 Honey Lane
    Oakley, CA 94561


    By Sean Paige

    Government Insiders and Outside Agitators Join Forces

    There’s certainly nothing new about an environmental group suing the
    government. They do it every day. They do it full time, for fun and profit.
    And they have perfected the art of directing federal land policy through

    But what makes the settlement of one recent lawsuit noteworthy, and
    particularly troubling, was one of the plaintiffs involved — a group called
    Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER) whose members, as
    federal employees, often work for the same land agencies their advocacy group
    is suing. This creates a situation in which government personnel wear two
    hats: one of agency insider, a supposedly nonpartisan executor of established
    policy, and the other of outside agitator and advocate, attempting to alter
    those policies as charter members of the "Luddite lobby."

    Federal employees are prohibited by law from lobbying on their parent agency’s
    behalf; whether litigating against the agency also constitutes a form of
    lobbying, and might equally be viewed as a conflict of interest, remains

    The potential ethical problems posed by groups such as PEER became an issue
    several years back, when Rep. Joe Skeen, R-N.M., having read reports that
    members of the group may have provided inside assistance to the Center for
    Biological Diversity in one of many lawsuits the organization brought to stop
    ranching in the Southwest, asked a regional director of the U.S. Forest
    Service to disclose which outside advocacy groups her staff members belonged
    to. The official refused, citing privacy and First Amendment concerns. After
    an exchange of testy letters, the issue all but dropped from view.

    In this case, PEER joined with the Center for Biological Diversity in a
    lawsuit to force the Bureau of Land Management to close huge areas of Southern
    California desert to recreational uses in order to protect the desert
    tortoise, California condor and several dozen other allegedly endangered
    animals and plants. Government lawyers — as they have been quick to do during
    the Clinton era — settled the lawsuit in a compromise that will mean more
    restrictions on recreational activities and mining on 11 million acres of
    public land in California, as well as curtailed livestock grazing on 1.4
    million acres of land in California’s San Bernardino and Kern counties.

    <font color=red>get involved with land issues or lose the land</font color=red>
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    Stuff like this shows that there can be no middle ground. It's a Holy War with the Democrats for me!

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