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Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by bigcountryk5, Oct 3, 2005.

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    all right guys i have alot of stuff i want/need on the way to getting my blazer to where i want it to be. That said i have a winch with [/U]no winch line and i have decided to remedy that situation in hopefully the near future. I have talked to a couple of the vendors from right here at CK5 and one of them (Black Meas Offroad :D ) seems pretty interested in helping out with a pretty decent discount if we can get a good sized group together.

    The product in question is a synthetic winch line and specifically the Viking Trail line 3/8 100ft. something approx20,000lb. break strength.

    I'm not going into specifics yet but for those of you that are extra interested PM me and we'll go into that there.

    This post is about judging interest levels and the reason i'm posting here is i wanna here from paid members only at this point. Not that non-paying members are uninvited i just wanna hear from guys i "recognize" at the present time.

    so i would like to have the following

    1. your interest level i.e. mild-pretty interested-or I'm in.

    2. your price range (the's aren't gonna be free but the discount is such that i believe it's worth the effort) * research first check out the prices on these lines they aren't cheap so if your price range is under 150 or so i don't think we'll reach that*

    thanks josh

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