Group purchase for a Can-back top

Discussion in 'The Garage' started by uberbeans, Aug 19, 2006.

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    Please forgive if this has been discussed previously. I'm assuming this would be the correct forum.

    I am interested in buying one of the Can-back tops for the Blazer and am aware of the company changing hands last December. I found out that they are just "getting up to speed" in building these for our trucks and put myself on a list to be notified when they are ready. I don't know when they will be ready but the man I talked with said that there was alot of interest in these from Blazer owners. On the list I got on it gave the option of group orders of 5 or more. I'm assuming that that will mean a discount and as the quoted price was $1200.00 any break would help. Is anyone interested? If so I would do the leg work on the order if the price reduction is worth it.

    And what is the general opinion of the Can-back as compared to the other less expensive tops.

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