Growling noise near t-case

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    I thought I'd give the guys in this forum a shot at this problem. I just copied and pasted the last couple of posts from another forum to this message, so please read thru it and let me know if you got any ideas.

    On my 87 I just dropped the t-case in the rear about 3/4" to eliminate some rear driveline vibrations, which resultantly increase the operating angle of the ujoint by the front axle pinion.

    The front shaft is a double cardan joint by the t-case (stock shaft I'm sure), so the front end pinion should point directly at the t-case, right?

    Will I run into any snags putting spring shims on the front springs to turn the front pinion up towards the t-case? Steering affects maybe?

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    04/26/02 09:20 AM
    Re: front pinion angle [re: wadinator] Reply
    Keep an eye on you caster angle... caster gives you truck the return to center steering and if you make the steering knuckle too closes to the vertical plain, you will start to loose the return to center feel...Are you actuall haveing vibes in front? or are you only concerned w/ the angle? Unless you are haveing BAD vibes at relatively low speeds in teh front, I wouldn't wory about it...You could always spring for a CV shaft in th erear and then you'd be able to raise your t-case back up...


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    04/26/02 09:31 AM
    Re: front pinion angle [re: fortcollinsram] Edit Reply
    I'm not feeling any vibes from up front. But I'm hearing a low intermittant growling sound between 25-40 mph that seems to be coming either from where the rear shaft enters the t-case or from the front shaft.

    Since the noise is intermittant, I'm not sure how to figure out what is causing it. I've done all the calculations involving rear driveshaft angles, and although I'm stretching the acceptable angle limits to minimize ujoint wear and vibration, I think the rear shaft isn't the cause of the growl. But I guess it could be, cuz the growl seems to be coming from the t-case area.

    87 1/2 tn 4x4
    4" susp, 3" body
    35" tires, ff14b rear
    w/ detroit, dana44 front

    So, any ideas?

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