Guess I will go D44 conversion...

Discussion in 'OffRoad Design' started by RootBreaker, Jan 21, 2002.

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    Well since I have been working on my truck for ever... I am getting ready in 2-3 weeks to drop the motor in. Then my problem I have posted back along time ago arises.... It takes me 20-30 feet to steer... so guess crossover... but what i need to know is Exactly what is needed and how much each part is... so I can tally up my next expense....

    I know I need a 2wd steering box or put the shaft into mine.. so I was told....
    also in NJ the law only allows 12 degree pitch in steering... well I have 14" leafs so I know I will need a MEGA drop pitman arm.. so please let me know all else and I think I am gonna start ordering some of it next week....

    1978 Chevy 3/4 - 14" leafs -dana 44w/4.56's -14 bolt corp w/4.56's on 40x17x16.5 Ground Hawgs on 16.5x12 steel rims-NP205&SMC465
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    Take a look at the steering section of our site, both the D60 and D44 sections. To get the draglink angle down you're going to have to look into a deep pitman arm drop and probably a block on the right knuckle to raise the steering arm up. We don't deal with a lot of tall lifts so I don't have firm answers for exactly what you need but these are steps to look into. Keep in mind the more extra parts you have the less durable the steering will be. But it should drive a lot better than the GM steering.

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