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Discussion in 'Midwest Region' started by Mudzer, Jul 7, 2002.

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    I figured since I was appointed this position, I should at least take some time to post some guidelines. I will call it "The Great Work of Fiction" because it will always be modified to suit our needs and of course nothing is set in stone. These are guidelines which I feel that Steve would want us to follow:

    1. This is a forum created for posting information about runs - future, past and present. We should post these types of topics in order to get people together for events in our area. These events can range from two people meeting for a quick trail run, to a complete and organized event. <font color="red">***After August 1, 2002 you will be required to be a member of in order to post on this club forum. You can view the posts, but will not have the ability to post. Get your membership by clicking the Join ColoradoK5 link on the main page. It will cost you $25 per year but has many benifets.***</font>

    2. Use proper etiquette when posting. When you type, think about what you are typing. Type as if your mother were watching. Mom, if you are watching, I Love ya!

    3. Have fun! See ya on the trails...
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