had a GREAT ( read horribly craptacular) day today,,,

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Ddragggon, Jul 31, 2002.

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    ... and tomorrow looks like it might bne almost as good.

    as I was pulling into the parkinglit, my boss came up to me, and asked about the last backups ont he financial system, data.... unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond my contro, we've got NOTHING. so, after about an hour of getting blamed for it, I go start tryin to find answers. there's about a 50% chacn that the company that wrote the software will be able to recover the file..... if that doenst work, then I B SCREWED.

    on a sidenote, this is all direclty related to our forced changeover to mac OS X, when I said we weren;t ready for it, cause we hadn;t tested reliabvility of all the software we needed in the new system, but aint no one going to go agaiinst the VP of wasting goddamn money. so I'll probably be sjobless by the end of the week, ( if I;m lucky to maek it tha tlong_)

    if not for the fact I;m too drunk to commit sepeku, I think that'd be the best plan.

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    Chin up rich, tomorrow's a new day and when you're sober it may not be as bad as it seems right now. If you do lose that job it may be a blessing in disguise, it doesn't sound like you were very happy there at all. Good luck anyways though...


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