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    went ridin around farmersville (the name says it all), and we were drivin down a white rock road by a trial that leads to the goverment land that runs into the lake, and there was a tractor comin up on the road w/a truck behind it. we stopped, and it turned out to be the 2 kids we were lookin for. the kid had gone & got their tractor b/c his scottsdale w/37" boggers was buried down IN the lake. the other kid behind him was in a shortbox w/36" swampers. so we went down there w/them. we tried EVERYTHING...liftin it up w/the hay fork, tuggin w/our 1 ton ford, the chevy shortbox w/36", and the tractor, and we still got nothing. we had resorted to diggin when his dad shows up w/a 70-early 80's model 1 ton chevy flatbed 4x4 runnin 33" billy bob mudders. he drove up, hooked up the winch, put the brake on the winch, and stuck it in 2nd and hammered it.....5 seconds later, we're unstuck. that thing must of had at least 4:10's in it...it only had a 350, i guess that's what you get w/a chevy right?

    Mike Dee

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