Had about 40 cops, state troopers, firemen, trucks, ambulances,etc. last night

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by thatK30guy, Dec 17, 2005.

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    A local high school girl and her boyfriend were coming around the bend in front of my home and "supposedly" hit some loose gravel and ended up in the ditch after she rolled about 3 times and broke a light pole on the way down.

    We were in the shop drinking, etc. and heard the whole thing. We running outside with flashlights and the wife took the girl into our home to the bathroom to clean her up. She had cuts on the forehead and glass in her forearm.

    Took about 7 minutes for the first light flashing car to get here. Then hundreds of others started showing up. We stood on the porch watching the whole thing laughing about the 7 or 8 firetrucks (big ones) and asked if they needed some more trucks here or not. Two ambulances made the trip when only one was needed. About 5 city police cars and then about 6 or 7 trooper cars were here, too. Took even longer for the tow truck to finally get here.

    Everyone was ok. The girl went to the hospital and got stitched up. Her boyfriend refused treatment. The car is a total. It was a newer Ford Mustang, too. :haha: No longer repairable either. Maybe if she was driving a Corvette they would have made the turn no problem. :bow:

    Not one time we were standing on the porch did any LEO stop us to ask questions or anything. Not even when we were drinking our Bud Light Select bottles right there watching the EMT's work on the girl and check everything out.

    Pretty exciting night last night. Most we've seen in our neighborhood in about a year. :doah:
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    to get them here, you have mention "gun" other then that they won't show, of course its a pretty quiet "hood"
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    maybe they will learn how to drive responsibly now

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