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    I saw 2 things today that left me kind of puzzled. On Ebay right now, for the next few hours anyway, there is a 73-75 Blazer hardtop that is up to $799. And then in my local paper, I saw a 69-72 hardtop for $150. What's up with that? My hardtop (73-75 style) is kind of trashed and a nicer one would be cool to have, but I don't know about these prices. I almost thought the older top would be more expensive. How much do they USUALLY sell for?

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    Donno. I see them locally (San Franciscoish, CA) for $300 at the junkyards (this is 73-75 tops), but my extra one didn't sell and didn't sell and didn't sell, and I finally took $100 to get rid of it (I was moving, less stuff to move) ... and the guy bitched about it at that.

    The 69-72's are weird; the "double layer" ones are serious $$, I think, or maybe it's the "single layer" ones. I forget.

    The 73 and 74 tops suck, they all crack in the back corners; the 75's are allegedly stronger and don't.

    OTOH, even if you have a redone one, I think eight hundred bucks is silly (wrt the one on Ebay.) I'll pay somebody to redo mine or do it myself so I know it's done RIGHT.

    My .02.

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