Harvey Milk?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Resurrection_Joe, Feb 27, 2005.

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    I passed out at 8pm, so now I'm up too late, and on Sundance (big surprise), they had a documentary on Harvey Milk

    I had never heard Dan White as an assasin. Right now I'm listening to his confession. What a goddamn wanker. "The Mayor never called me, he didn't care, and I went to see if he was going to reappoint me, he didn't like me, so I shot him in the face, and then, I went to Harvey Milks office, and he smiles as I walk in, and I shot him a whole bunch more"

    WHAT THE ****

    Then he says "I was just carrying it for protection, I didn't mean to shoot them" Yet crawls in a window to avoid metal detectors. I can see where CA gun laws get stupid here. "Why would anyone carry 10 extra cartridges, he meant to kill" Not that I'm for White. Phbbbt

    BTW - I heard a lot of the anti gay rights people speak, a few church leaders and a councilman. Oh my god, did they every think that crap would go over?

    Oh wait, now I'm hearding he originally could get only 8-12 years.....? Strict gun laws, short prison terms. That's a GREAT policy....

    I'mma watch it some more and finish this post up


    Oops, now the people are rioting. Stupid people.


    Looks like White spent less than 6 years in prsion, got out, and offed himself! HOORAY! **** HIM!

    George Moscone seemed like a stand up person, from this movie anyway. I'm sorry for what happened to him.

    I like Harvey Milk, from the obviouslly biased documentary, he seemed like a great guy. A true martyr for his cause.

    I'm glad I caught this, learning of and from history is always rewarding

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