Has anybody installed a Vortec motor?

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by 87GMCJimmy, Jan 31, 2002.

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    I just got a complete 5.7 vortec drivetrian. Motor, all accessories, tranny and transfercase out of a 99 yukon. This weekend I am going to start figuring out the wiring and connections ot put it into my 87 Jimmy. I was wondering if anyone has performed this transplant and could provide any notes, wiring pinouts and or tips. I do have the Helms manual for the 99 and a Haines manual for the 87. I plan on taking detialed notes and pic's so that I might post them for others to use someday. O'ya I live in phx,az so I have to keep all the emmissons equipment with the 99.

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    Hmm. I know I have a picture of the truck pinout somewhere, probably on my site which is over its bandwidth limit yet again this month. Anyways, right now this is as close as I can get, and I'd be surprised if more than two wires are different for a same year truck. (tbi vs carb excluded)


    (cut and paste, no time to correct)

    Problem I foresee is VATS, and the VSS, since '99 is, IIRC, a 4 pulse system or something like that, which our trucks never got. If you've got the wiring harness (you are going to need it for the transmission alone) and what not out of the '99, I say use everything, basically re-wire your truck with the newer harness, don't try to cut corners.

    Sorry I can't provide more info, I haven't even contemplated that "new" of a swap.

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