Head Gasket?

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    Lately I've been working on my dad's 73 chevy pick up with a stock 350 ( new 2brl ) but it had a new motor put in it a few years ago. Well for the past few months it has been popping out of the exhaust and at times the carb, especially on acceleration. It also puts out some water and white smoke out of the left side exhaust (its dualed out ) and it misses slightly . I have been trying eliminate all possibilites so i've checked the compression in the cylinders and its about 140 psi with not a great difference in pressure. I've also used a vaccum gauge and it reads good idle vacuum with i guess acceptable vaccuum at higher rpms , about 21-22 hg at 2000rpm. It is a points ignition sys and the dwell is set right at 29, with the timeing at about 8 degrees btdc. I has also readusted the valves , setting the lash etc , and didn't seem to make much diff. Does anyone have any ideas or had the same prob. Thanks alot

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    With what you posted about the white smoke, missing, and water, I would say there is a good chance the head gasket is shot. If you do one, do the other side. The gaskets are fairly cheap (remember to get new intake gaskets too, because you have to remove the intake to take off the heads). You should be able to do it in an afternoon with proper hand tools.
    Probably wouldn't hurt to replace all the vacuum lines while your at it. That stuff is cheap but can cause big problems.

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