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    i plan on building a 383 for the k5, but im tryin to get all the bugs out of it, i was thinking about vortecs cuz others are so expensive and these are supposed to be good, but i have to buy an intake which is like $300-$400 or something, i dont want to spend over around $500 for the heads, total, but is that possible and still get a good head, the engine will be all roller, 4x4 cam, tbi, thorley exhaust, some sort of intake, just depends on this thread. and oh ya, with new heads do i have to get a new PROM burned, or only with vortecs, where/how much are PROM's??? thanks for all your help...
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    Mar 30, 2002
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    (World Product S/R Torquer) Jeg's Part # 955-042660-1 [ QUOTE ]
    67cc, Straight Plug-Assembled (Each) 1.250'' single spring, 100# @ seat, .560'' max. lift, 2.02 x 1.600 valves, 170cc intake runner.

    Material: High density cast iron
    Valve Seats: Integral intake,hardened steel exhaust
    Valve Size: 2.020'' x 1.600'' (1.940'' x 1.500'' for S/R Torquer 305)
    Rocker Arm Studs: 3/8'' shank, screw-in style with hex shoulder furnished
    Accessory Flange: Stock locations, 7-bolt universal pattern

    Included In Assembly: Manley Street Flo stainless steel valves (1-piece forged, with undercut stems and swirl-polished heads), ring and band valve seals, valve springs, Manley 7° chrome moly retainers, keepers.

    Recommended Installation Items:

    Head Gaskets: Fel-Pro #1003 (265-350) or equivalent.
    Puhshrods: OEM can be used. Hardened not required
    Spark Plugs: Accepts 14mm-5/8'' .460'' reach tapered seat (Accel 274 or 276, AC-Delco 43TS or 44TS, Champion #670 or #802) or equivalent
    Intake Gasket: Fel-Pro #1204 or #1256 or equivalent
    Exhaust Gasket: Fel-Pro #1404 or #1405 or equivalent

    [/ QUOTE ] $379.99 Not sure if that's for both heads or each. Probley each. But still a good deal on some GOOD HEADS
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    You wont find a set of centerbolt performance heads for under 500. Unless you buy used or get a deal on ebay or something.
    In my opinion Go with the World SR Torquer II heads. They are a direct bolt on You can get a set from Jegs or summmit for under 800. Which is about the same price as Vortecs and the TBI manifold.
    If you dont want to get a new chip use the 76cc chamber heads, stock dished pistons and a mild computer grind cam. You may also need an adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

    Using the 67cc heads will boost the compression ratio up to a little over 9 to 1 with stock pistons. You can use your stock intake manifold with these heads but they dont flow very well. To get the most out of them you will need a better intake. Edelbrock or Holley make them.
    It will depend on your cam if you need a new chip burned or not. But I would at least get an aftermarket performance chip.
    Custom chips vary from $250 to $350
    These guys do good chip work:http://www.fastchip.com
    Their stage 2 chip is a very good chip and only costs around $150. Call them and see if you build your motor around the stage II chip if you are trying to keep costs down.
    Weather you go Vortecs or World the cost is about the same. I just like the World heads better because they are more versitile than Vortecs and will take most any cam you want to put in.
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    get a GOOD set of junkyard vortecs, port and polish them, 3 angle valve job with new seals and seats etc, should be plenty for a 383..

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