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Heard any good jokes lately?


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Jan 4, 2002
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Chandler, AZ
Yes I'm back. Online that is. They just got a high speed connection at work and I now have access. Hopefully it will stay that way.

Tonight Friday 03/19/04 I'm plannin a <font color="green"> "NIGHT RUN" </font> to the Venue(Formally known as Cajun House) west of Scottsdale Rd on 3rd Ave in Old Town Scottsdale 7117 E. 3rd Ave. There is going to be a COMEDY COMPETITION for up and comming comics. I've been asked by my new friend Brent Tory (last weeks winner and one of the contestants tonight) to invite as many people to come and make noise for him(they let the audience noise choose who wins) Russ aka Baddog was planning to go, and I even invited my Boss. I won't be back here till Sunday night to see any replies, but you can try my cel ph 480-232-6905. Last week the show was great, this is not an open mike night, these comics are going for proffesional status.

I know this is off topic but it's tonight. so if ya gotta move it do it tomarrow PLEEEASE.
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