heart pains often, does anyone else ?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by R72K5, Aug 11, 2005.

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    central IL
    the last couple years i been having heart pains, more and more often, almost every day now, especialyl lately,

    i was wnating to see if anyone thought any of it sounded familiar or anything

    the pains are usually always like on right top side ara of my heart chest area, closer to center of chest side of the heart about 2 or 3" away from center of cage

    they are like throb throb throb pains timed with heart beat, my heart beat is a real strong one sometime sit shakes me it beats so hard, my dad once told me that his and my heart beat too hard and basically that it will prematurely wear itself i guess, i dunno how his dad is fairing with his health or anything since he has been locke din prison for 30 some years for killing someone i guess, dunno,

    so i dunno any history of my dads side

    my moms side grandpa has had some heart troubles and kidney stones troubles i knowo, but i dont look or act or think or anything liek him in any way at all, i am identical to my dad is 99% every way evne walk and talk the same but i dont know him only met him a few times in my life he now lives in FL

    but anyways i was looking at this http://www.islamset.com/healnews/heart/images/heart.jpg
    and looks like my heart pains are at the superior vena cava or at the right pul,onary veins or at the aorta(the top red thing)

    sometimes it s real quick sharp pain, instead of the usual throb on each beat deal,
    not severe, but not cool either, i hyave ot hit my chest a few times real good sometimes, that seems to help.,. usually,

    no im not going to doctor or anything, and if something happens (if this anything at all other than just getting older pains) then i just hope its quick! i dont want ot survive it

    thats all i hope for

    i try to eat as healthy as i can i avopid pizza and burgers and soda and crap now, unlike in the past up to around three years ago, i also dont smoke or anything, im skinny as hell 135lbs soaking wet and 6 foot tall, i get dizzy about black out sometimes when i go and stand up or somethign, although this hasnt happened for a real long time now, it used to happen as mch as a few times a week or couple a day for a while there, woudl go black and white static vision couldt see anything for a few seconds almost pass out, but maybe thats just something else liek postural hyper/hypotension, i dunno ?

    what do you think ?

    if anyone knows what any of this is then lemme know, unless its really bad or something,

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    What do I think?

    I think you ought to see a heart specialist.....
    and be checked for a Thyroid problem.

    I also had symptoms like yours, since then, I've had an "Aorta" valve replacement
    and now on meds for an "overactive thyroid gland" That was 13 yrs. ago. I'm fine
    now, except for the occasional heart burn, which also may be your problem.

    By no means did I ever take any medical classes, only talking from experience.
    Hope you see a Dr.
    Good luck
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    Feb 11, 2004
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    hmmmmm.... :thinking: .....well, A check up a Doc won't hurt. Doesn't even have to be a cardiologist. You're young, thin. Smoke? Unknown family history, Cholesterol? Too many unknowns here to tell much of anything really. I agree that thyroid is one area of concern. That may also acount for the synope (passing out). The pains can be many things besides cardiac. Often ture cardiac pain (angina) is more vague then that. It's often more a pressure or dull ache, in the chest that's difficult to point to. It's less often a sharp pain that you can point to with one finger. It rarely times itself with the beat of your heart. Angina may radiate to the throat, jaw, teeth, shoulder (often the right side), down the arms, or into the back. Regular old angina usually comes on with exercise and goes away at rest. However, unstable angina comes and goes irregrardless of activity. At your age, unstable angina would be more likely. At your age any signifigant heart disease would be unusual, though not unheard of. I've had patients with heart attacks at your age, but they had VERY strong family history of early MI.(heart attack). As thin as you are I'm not supprised that you may feel a very strong heartbeat. Not alot of padding there! :rolleyes: You may have some variation of ectopic beats that can create the feeling of pounding against the chest wall. These may orginate in the upper chambers or lower chambers of the heart. They don't create any pain though. They may cause you to faint or feel dizzy though. They may be agravated by hyperthyroidism, stimulants, stress, dehydration, electrolyte imbalances amoung other things.
    Other internal problems may just as well causes these symptoms. Gastric system, (esophogastritis) , pulmonary, etc. It's just to hard to tell without the proper data. (this data comes from doctors!) :D
    It's something to follow up on. IMHO....Good luck....Paul
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    North Carolina
    carry yourself to the doctor! we just had our plant vice president die a few weeks ago because he was too hard headed to see one, he had been hurting and feeling bad for a few weeks. on the day he was suppose to go, he never made it :( .

    please, do yourself and your family a favor and see one.
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    Jul 24, 2003
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    Dont put it off...

    Your heart is nothing to ignore!--if you suspect a problem,go to a doctor ASAP!--or the E.R. at a hospital--many have "free care" available to low income patients,if the cost is whats stopping you..I HATE going to a doctor or hospital(Having one of your testicles cut off does that to you! :blush: :doah: )--I lost my best friends to heart disease--one was a lot like you--tall,(6+') and skinny(only weighed 150lbs all his life)...he was diagnosed with "Marfan Syndrome" which often affects tall,lanky guys like he was (I'm similar,at 165lbs and 6'5")..heart problems are not uncommon in tall,slender guys like us--so get looked at soon!

    It affects the heart valves and muscles,he had dizzy and fainting spells as some of his first symptoms,and ofted complained of "heartburn"--which doctors later discovered was previous small heart attacks!.--they asked if he'd been short of breath,or had chest pains--he never told US,but told the doctors he'd had a few episodes at work while shoveling snow off the school's roof he worked at--..they tried to save him by installing a pacemaker to control his irregular heartbeat,but he died 11 days after the operation.. :( --

    They said his heart valves needed to be replaced,too much damage had occured,and I feel they lied to his mother and family when they told him a pacemaker would cure his problem--after he died,the doctors said only 20% of his heart was working--they knew he'd probably not survive,but did the pacemaker operation anyway--at a hospital not really qualified to do open heart surgurey..they said nothing of his heart being in such poor condition before the operation!--I think they just did it to make money off his insurance.. :mad:

    I was very distrustful of the doctors and that hospital when I had my testicular "cancer" surgurey--they told me unless I had the affected one removed,the "pre cancerous" tumor in it WOULD turn cancerous,and spread throughout my entire body,and I'd be dead in less than a few years..I had the operation done,only because I could not stand the pain,I'd suffered at least 2 years before getting pissed enough to get it over with..

    I wasn't very enthused about living then,period...for awhile I didn't care if I croaked!--I even secretly wished I'd not survive the operation,so my suffering would be over for good--not just the pain of my affliction,but the pain of life in general--having to struggle to survive,working to get money,where to live,etc..I was just so discouraged,I didn't care if I lived or died at that point..

    It took the love of my older sister and a few other inspirational people to get me to have the operation done,and though my life isn't much better off now,I AM glad I'm still here!..So if you dont do it for yourself,do it for those who love you!...

    You might just be having "growing"pains,I have chest pains a lot,but its my chest muscles themselves (according to my doctor I have no blocked arteries,or other heart problems)..but I do get very sharp pains sometimes--I attribute them to stress and anxiety more than physical problems..but dont guess,get yourself checked before it gets worse!..It might be skeletal problems,a bad disc in your back can cause chest pains too..they call it "referred" pain when an organ causes pain somewhere not near the organ itself..Arthritis is another possibility..

    You might have a lung problem,or an infection,which could be easily treated in its early stages..I myself waited way too long to get to a doctor recently when I had bronchitis--I thought it was just a cold,but it got so bad I had to go see the doctor,and get antibiotics!--now I wasted 3 good weeks of summer weather sitting in the house,doing nothing! :mad: --and I still feel kinda crappy!.. :crazy:

    So dont put it off--go get a check up!... :eek1: ... :crazy:

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