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Heater Core

Discussion in '1973-1991 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by daniel.wilson, Jun 10, 2002.

  1. daniel.wilson

    daniel.wilson Newbie

    Apr 16, 2002
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    Just swapped out the heater core on my 90 Blazer. I wanted to thank Eric for the great article on this procedure. I didn't have to drop the fender liner - I used a deep well socket, a universal and an extension to get that one under the blower motor. Other than that I followed the article and it went real smooth. I did have to go to the dealer and get the core. The folks at the local parts store insisted on selling me an aluminum thing that wasn't even close to being the right one. It had tubes on it about a foot long. I finally took them the old one and they just scratched their heads. It turns out the Delco part was a whopping six bucks more ($60 instead of $54).

  2. Grim-Reaper

    Grim-Reaper 3/4 ton status Author

    Feb 17, 2000
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    Glad it helped you out. $25 from autozone with lifetime warranty for a brass one. /forums/images/icons/smile.gif That was for the 79 and 75 we have. 90 might be different.

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