Heavier Drive Shaft?

Discussion in '1969-1972 K5 Blazer | Truck | Suburban' started by ECNiz, Sep 11, 2001.

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    Sep 9, 2000
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    I just swapped in a dana 60 ff in place of my stock 12 bolt. My truck's lifted 4" and the stock driveshaft has never been
    modified. I went to put the driveshaft back on and the u-joints
    seemed to fit ok, but the driveshaft was too long. Under full
    compression it wouldn't fit between the np205 transfer case
    and the axle. I figured if I had to get my driveshaft shortened
    anyways, I might as well go to a junkyard and pick up a
    heavier duty one. Does anyone have any recommendations?
    Is the driveshaft off of a 1 ton stronger and a direct bolt up?
    I also pulled out my th350/np205 and put in a sm465/np205
    I believe they are the same length.
    Thanks for any help.

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