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    Sadly my 86' Cutlass Supreme has gone to that great boneyard in the sky (cancer in a sense, all of the body mounts in the rear were rotted out, and it was going to cost to much to make it meet emissions standards). So before it got towed I stripped what I wanted off including the Accell HEI super coil I bought not to long ago for it. Im my 77 Jimmy Im running a MSD 6 ignition with the stock HEI coil. Since Im runing the MSD setup could I use the coil from the Olds engine? The coils are listed as ones with red&yellow (for chevy) and red&white (for Olds) coil lead wires, difference being the one for the Olds is meant to work with its reverse direction distributer (right?). But it should work in the Jimmy with the MSD sense it no longer relies on the internal control module for the firing signal, or atleast I think. If anyone has some insight on this please let me know. Thanks. ~Mark~
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    I havent seen it but if you want to use just the coil, then yes.
    The coil is just a coil, the ditributor controls everything.

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