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    I have had a problem with my charging system on my 84 K5... sometimes she stays perfectly at 13V and other times she drops to about 8 1/2Vs... sometimes its when I use the windows... sometimes when I am driving at mid to high RPMs... I threw a 140A alternator and the problem presists... I think my battery is fine cause my friend has a 5K$ battery tester and it showed bad alternator(before I swaped it)... anyone have any ideas? I swaped the ground and main power lines and still its dropping... any ideas or help will be appreciated... thanks in advance...
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    Have you check the ground strap off the back of the passenger side head to fire wall? Unless the hood is off you can't really see the booger but it is often forgotten when engines are pulled and installed. Most parts stores with the "Help" racks will have a replacement strap.
    While you would think you would pull ground through the fenders it's not a good connection. Going through paint and usualy a little rust where the pannels meet.
    Other symptoms are gages bouncing BAD when turn signals are used, dim interrior lights, window issues like you have, dim lights.
    Another place to check is all the Juice runs from connections at the starter. Battery cable runs to starter, alternator joins it there, main body harness joins there.
    Get under there and make sure you don't have corrosion on the connections. Also check that one of the wires hasn't gotten up against the exhaust or is chaffing. There are also several fusable links down there that run the cab of the truck. they could be bad. There is also a terminal block next to the brake booster on the fire wall. Check for problems there.

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