HELP...headlights don't work

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    HELP...headlights don\'t work

    The other night I noticed when I turned the corners My headlights got brighter....So then after I stoppped the truck, I tried to turn it back on, no power. I figured out that the postivie came off and grounded. So after replacing the starter, everything worked Except the headlights. But when I turn the brights on, all 4 work. Head lights actually have like two fillaments in them right; a high and low beam? I mean the on switch works and the bright switch works, so could I have burnt out the low beams in the 2 upper lights? Anyway so I turned on the brights and just diconnected the lower 2 lights for now. Help me out guys...Thanks
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    Re: HELP...headlights don\'t work

    See if there's 12 volts to the low beams when they should be on. If so, then both low beam bulbs are dead. There are 2 filaments in the low beam bulbs, one for low beam and one for high beam.

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