Help in Utah: Tourist Transmission in Salt Lake City. Stickin it to me...?

Discussion in 'Rocky Mountain Region' started by Blaze`, Jan 23, 2006.

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    Just bought an 84 K5 in SLC and figured there was an issue with tranny/rear end. took into Tourist Transmission based on a recommendation from anouther board. The gent that helped seemed to shoot straight with me and provided sound advice on the issue. Gave him the truck to analyze the issues and what he came back with was mind blowing and obviously a bit over the top. The rear end was making noise, but the truck drove fine (even at speed and up hills). Anyways, his original diagnosis was about $400 for parts and labor on a rear end rebuild. I walked out on Friday with $1500+ quote. My breakdown of their quote (w/out labor) and my quick research of what retail parts pricing is through Summit/LMC etc. (see attached)

    Can someone please provide guidance on what I should do? This is way out of my budget range and I am feeling like the guy is stiking it to me. I want a business to make money, but obvious gouging and add on "issues" is a bit whacked!. Looking for help in Salt Lake.......


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    Ok I'm confused they have your truck and they have to fix it? You bought it and the guy you bought it from took it there? Clarify please

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