!!! HELP !!! K5 in Germany is in deep trouble ... (part 2)

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    Mar 28, 2001
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    I took my 73 K5 "DaBitch" to Germany last year. It is great driving it at the small streets in Germany... /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
    And now, at easter weekend, I killed its rear differential trying to pull a buddy out of a mud hole.
    It has a GM CORPORATE 12-bolt rear diff (4:11 gears) with a posi diff on it.
    I broke both of the spider gears.
    Now I ordered a Powertrax No Slip Traction System. But it does not fit in the posi carrier! It needs a carrier from open diff. Sh... I did not know about the posi in the rear...
    Now I am facing the problem to take apart the whole diff.
    Will the carrier for the 4.11 gears be found easily and where will be the best application to look for it?
    I urgently need a carrier for the 4.11 gears and after that I can start to put it together. Ohh, happy summertime...
    Should I consider to change to a disk brake axle at this time and to put the Powertrax in that axle?
    I would like to be back on the streets soon. Summer is coming and "DaBitch" needs some workout...
    Any comments welcome.
    I hope somebody can help me...
    Looking for your reply and advice.
    Please help me to keep "DaBitch" going in Germany.
    Please also advice me how to change and realign the diff the easiest way.
    Many thanks.
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    Apr 12, 2002
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    southern New Jersey
    man, how do you get that thing to go down the narrow streets over there. my parents lived over there and if you had anything larger than a ford festiva or KA, you wouldn't fit. thats cool though. how many gas coupons do you go thru??? LOL. if you put a new carrier in it you are going to have to shim the whold thing over again to get the right toe and heel paterns. make sure you take your time and do it right, there is nothing worse than a rear failure (i know this first hand). take it to that auto hobby shop over there. at least one of the people there should be able to point you in the right direction. good luck
  3. Gold Rush

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    First make up your mind what you want to do and that will be determined by how much you can spend and how much time you have to get it back on the road.

    With 4.10 ring and pinion you will need a 4 series carrier if you want to install the PowerTrax. If you don't have experience in rebuilding a rearend you may want to consider paying someone else to do it. It's not something you want to practice on in Germany. I spent 4 years over there with my K5 from 94-98. If you don't put it together just right and that rearend blows up on you 100 miles from Base how will you get it home?? They don't fit on a German tow truck without a little tweaking. I had to have mine towed once and had to put a stock tire and rim on the front to squezze it up on. I had 33" tires at the time. Not to mention I spent about 2 weeks pay to have it towed!! You can look around in the other base junk yards but you won't find any parts for yours. There are German junk yards that will have M1008's in them but they have 14bolt rears and D60 fronts. Go figure.

    Good luck,

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