HELP !! Low mileage car for sale HELP !!

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    I've got a 1989 Chrysler 5th Avenue, loaded, but with cloth interior. 26,000 original miles on this car !! The title stated 25K when I bought it a couple months ago. Car has a beat up driver side front fender, but the rest of car is perfect. This car has the 318 cid. V-8 with the 2 bbl and automatic. I just drove it to Indy on Friday and got 23.1 MPG and that was in stop and go traffic from the tornado.
    OK this is the deal !! A week after I bought the car it started to over-charge every once in awhile and finally it fried the battery. I changed out a bad computer and the voltage regulator. She ran fine for a few days and left me stranded at work with no spark. Tested and had a bad coil, so I changed the coil and hse ran great. That was the day before Indy. The next morning I hop in and start the car up and she starts right up, I go to back out of the garage and it dies and will not start. Cranks, has gas, HAS NO SPARK AT ALL !! The cap,rotor,wires, ect... all look fine. No spark from the coil that is one day old !! I quit !! There is some kind of electrical ghost in this damn car and I can't find it !!! HELP !!! I've got $2000 wrapped up in this damn thing now and need it running !!
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    4 would be a great site for you right now! I have been chasing gremlins in my wifes 91 Plymouth acclaim and found that place to be a big help.
  2. Thanks man I think I have a good source for a fix for this thing. When the damn thing runs it runs like a million bucks. I wanna burn it to the ground right now !! I sure hope one of those forums will help me out without costing me an arm and two legs !! Thanks again

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